About Us

CD-COM Systems Midwest, Inc. was founded in 1993, opening its first office and production center in Indianapolis, IN. Different than other imaging companies today, it was not the out growth of either a microfilm or box-storage company; rather, it was conceived of as a completely digital operation from its inception. Initial work centered on one-time projects, utilizing the then-new technology of CD-ROM as the means of information storage and communication. A simple, DOS based program allowed a single user to access documents and reports stored on a CD.

Today’s company is a far cry from that simple beginning. Building on success and a foundation of delighted clients, CD-COM has expanded its ASP model to incorporate virtually all aspects of information management, literally from cradle to grave. Whether it involves creating information databases, providing Imaging services, hosting real-time document management solutions, or age-old document storage and destruction, CD-COM can provide the right combination of services to meet your every need.

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