Specific Industies

Industry Segments

Education — From parochial to private, small to large, CD-COM offers services to cover a wide variety of applications; empty valuable classroom space by storing your documents, safely and securely; make transcripts, teachers apps and board minutes easily accessible from anywhere.
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Insurance — Perhaps the “Mississippi River” in the flow of paper, the Insurance industry offers countless opportunities to improve productivity, security and confidentiality of documents. These forms include applications, claims, medical records and thousands of other types of files that can be digitized and still ready...literally at your fingertips.

Health — Perhaps nowhere are the benefits of information management tools more desperately needed than in the exploding medical field. More types of information are demanded to be kept for longer periods of time, accessed by more people, but with ever higher concerns for confidentiality. CD-COM and its flexible solutions can customize just the right process for your office or organization.
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Manufacturing — Great strides have been made in automating the production of products, but the offices that support those systems have a long way to go. This industry also presents the greatest challenge in the types of documents used; from product tags, to blueprints, manufacturing guidelines to mandated documentation.

General Applications

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