Case Study 1:

Indianapolis Public Schools


CD-COM began a partnership with Indianapolis Public Schools to resolve an issue with the organization of old files. IPS is a public school system that dates back to 1853, so naturally the documents in storage were in a variety of formats and stages of deterioration. The main problem for IPS was creating a database that would allow staff access to the information without having to physically track the files, while still being able to submit new records.


With so many of the files decomposing and illegible, CD-COM decided the first step to approaching this project was creating a priority system. CD-COM started cataloging the files in the worst physical condition first, in order to prevent further loss of information. While defining the scope of the project, they discovered varying formats of information, including everything from bound books to microfilm. CD-COM was able to compile all the formats and create an on-going, online database for the information that the IPS staff could access.

Now the school system can search for any pertinent information regarding the schools, including records on everything from financials to playground equipment. It is common for students to request information from their high school after graduation, so with this system in place, retrieving their records is simple.