Case Study 2:

Large Northern Indiana Medical Practice


When this Northern Indiana Medical practice came to CD-COM, they were lacking a system of organization for their medical and operational files. With this state of disorganization, they not only experienced slow information transfers, but they also lost payments. Files had to be physically managed, which required time and manpower. This usually resulted in a stack of unorganized files until the administrative staff had time to deal with them. All of their operational paperwork was in disarray including paychecks and financial records. As a result, this medical practice was experiencing a 100 percent turnover rate in administrative staff.


CD-COM developed an online file system for this medical practice. All of the patient records and operational information was placed into a database so the staff could access it whenever necessary. This system allowed them to eliminate paperwork all together. Previous hard-copy records were stored and tracked so that if a hard copy was needed CD-COM could track it to its exact location. This decreased the time lost and increased productivity. It also allowed the company to cut back on unnecessary administrative personnel.