Case Study 4:

Large Educational Institution


This large educational institution, before partnering with CD-COM, printed hard copies of all of their financial reports. With over 90 campuses, the report spanned over 150,000 pages and was printed in its entirety three times. The reports were bound into books so the records could be stored and accessed for later reference. They were then sent to the various campuses. The lengthy process of printing and shipping caused this education institution time and financial loss.


CD-COM created a web site for designated personnel, from any campus, to access the school’s financial records. They reduced the amount of time lost and money spent on printing, shipping and organizing paper reports. CD-COM eliminated the loss of information associated with hard copies by giving all personnel access to reports online. This system also now allows personnel to search for specific records by indexes, greatly reducing the search time required. The client determines which indexes will allow for the easiest and most complete search. Multiple indexes can be utilized to make searching for different types of documents faster and easier.