Case Study 5:

Fortune 500 Company


This Fortune 500 Company only needed CD-COM’s assistance with one application, its payroll. The company used direct deposit, but the staff continued to mail hard-copy paycheck stubs to their employees. The problem arose when the management decided to switch the company’s payment schedule from once a month, to twice a month. With the existing payment process in place, switching the payment dates would have been incredibly expensive. With the cost of printing, mailing and personnel time to distribute the check stubs, this company was spending $250,000 unnecessarily.


This client was reluctant to tell personnel that a third party was involved in their payroll. CD-COM was able to produce a system that tied in with the company’s human resources department, ghostwriting the changes so the staff was unaware of their involvement. This online system, with user verifications, allowed staff to view their pay stubs online and the company was able to stop mailing hard copies. The company was able to switch its payment schedule to twice a month without taking on the extra $250,000 in costs.

Another benefit of having this new system in place is the staff’s ability to search their records. With the old system, a manager or staff member who wanted to view past paycheck records would need to search through hard-copy documents. However, with the new system in place staff members can view past records by searching the indexes. CD-COM was able to bypass common search problems, such as file names with last name first or capitalization, by creating multiple search indexes. They also added an index of social security numbers to make searching paycheck documents simple.