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A brief look at the history of computing…

The 60’s and 70’s saw computers primarily employed as giant adding machines, solving problems and speeding calculations for finance and accounting.

The Plant floor was the next object of investment, with MRP and robots significantly reducing the human capital involved with the production of virtually every product we us.

With the introduction of the PC, the desktop was the point of attack, with everything from word processing to spreadsheets to virtually any application you can name being at the user’s fingertips.

Through all of this, the one nagging problem was information management and overload. We had made it too easy to generate vast amounts of data (random bits of information) without the tools to manage and access all that information (the right bit of data one needs to handle a particular task). To the rescue came relational databases, digital archive and the Web. Finally the paperless office, electronic medical records, and universal, but secure, access to vital corporate records is a reality.

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